China-ASEAN Expo Bulletin

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The 15th China-ASEAN Expo Bulletin

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-03-22 15:11:22
The China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) is co-sponsored by ministries/department of commerce or industry and trade of China and the 10 ASEAN member states as well as the ASEAN Secretariat, and is organized by the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Having been successfully concluded for 14 sessions so far, the CAEXPO has grown into an event of special international influence and plays an important role in promoting the China-ASEAN friendly cooperation and building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.
Innovation will be a highlight of the 15th CAEXPO. We will upgrade manufacturing sector in China and ASEAN countries by popularizing advanced information and smart technologies, strengthening the bilateral cooperation in industrial capacity and equipment manufacturing. The 15th CAEXPO will see more high-tech products been showcased and more promotion and business matching events for mobilizing and supporting Chinese leading enterprises to invest in ASEAN countries. All this will conduce to developing better integrated industrial and value chains that will boost growth and deliver more widely shared benefits within the China-ASEAN region and beyond. 
I. Date
September 12-15 (September 15 is the Public Open Day.)
II. Exhibition Arrangement 
1.    Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC)
l  Exhibition Space: 100,400 m2
l  Address: No.11 Minzu Avenue
l  Five Pavilions 
(1)  Pavilion of Commodity Trade
ASEAN Countries: food and beverage, consumer goods, raw materials
Other Foreign Countries: foodstuffs, consumer goods, service sectors
Machinery & Equipment: engineering machinery and vehicles, food processing and packaging machinery, electric power equipment and new sources of energy, farming machinery 
Electrical Appliances & Electronics: telecommunications equipment, smart software, smart household appliances, consumer electronics
Building Materials: doors, windows and curtain walls, indoor decorative/ornamental materials
(2)  Pavilion of Investment Cooperation 
International Economic and Industrial Capacity Cooperation: international project contracting, labor cooperation, resource developing, IT, energy developing, infrastructure construction, industrial parks development, industrial capacity cooperation in railway, non-ferrous metal, electric power
The 3rd China-ASEAN Agricultural Cooperation Exhibition: international investment cooperation projects in agriculture, One Village One Product, One Town One Product of 15 Chinese provinces
(3)  Pavilion of Advanced Technology
Science and Technology: AI, advanced manufacturing, smart cities, innovation & entrepreneurship, innovative technology in health industry, ASEAN innovative science and technology
Meteorological Products: meteorological equipment, meteorological station equipment, meteorological system, weather forecast video production, meteorological services
Environmental Protection: treatment technologies of water, environment, atmosphere, soil, noise and solid waste, environment monitoring and testing instrument, energy conservation, resource recycling, environmental emergency equipment and technology
(4)  Pavilion of Trade in Services 
Financial services: financial technology innovation, RMB settlement, buyer credit, credit insurance, credit loans and other corporate finance services; funds, securities, insurance financing, internet finance and other individual financial consulting services 
Tourism services: city images, tourism cooperation projects, tourism information consulting
Other services: logistics, quality control, inspection and quarantine, customs clearance and laws
(5)  Pavilion of Cities of Charm
For the 11 representative cities chosen as Cities of Charm of China and the 10 ASEAN countries, promotion campaigns and city-to-city networking events will be arranged during the fair period.
Cities of Charm that have been confirmed for the 15th CAEXPO: Beihai (China)
2.    Guangxi Exhibition Hall ( for CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition 2018)
Guangxi Exhibition Hall Layout
l  Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2
l  Address: No.12 Minzhu Road
l  Featured Exhibits: fishery and animal husbandry, fruits, green agro-based products, foodstuffs, tealeaves, ASEAN coffee & foodstuffs, e-commerce in agriculture
3.    Nanning China South City Halls A & B (for CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition 2018)
Layout of Halls A & B of Nanning China South City
l  Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2
l  Address: No.56 Shajing Avenue
l  Featured Exhibits: consumer goods, arts & crafts, gifts & premiums, home decorations, consumer electronics, toys
III. CAEXPO Specialized Exhibitions
1. CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition 2018 (in parallel with the 15th CAEXPO)
Date: September 12-15
Venue: No.12 Minzhu Road, Nanning, China
Featured Exhibits: fishery and animal husbandry, fruits, green agro-based products, foodstuffs, tealeaves, ASEAN coffee & foodstuffs, e-commerce in agriculture
2. CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition 2018 (in parallel with the 15th CAEXPO)
Date: September 12-15
Venue: No.56 Shajing Avenue, Nanning, China
Featured Exhibits: consumer goods, arts & crafts, gifts & premiums, home decorations, consumer electronics, toys
3. CAEXPO Cambodia Exhibition 2018
Date: March 30-April 1
Venue: Diamond Island Convention & Exhibition Center (DICEC), Phnom Penh
Featured Exhibits: machinery & equipment, electronics & electrical appliances, light industrial arts & crafts, agro-based products & foodstuffs, agricultural means of production, investment cooperation, high-tech products
4. CAEXPO Animation, Cartoon & Games Exhibition 2018
Date: April 29-May 1
Venue: NICEC
Featured Exhibits: authorized deals, publication, production, distribution and broadcast of animation films, industrial bases, games, large-scaled entertainment equipment, cartoon derivative products, performance and competitions
5. China-ASEAN (Yangon) Trade Fair 2018
Date: May 17-19
Venue: Myanmar Event Park (MEP), Yangon
Featured Exhibits: building materials, hardware, lighting products, machinery, mechanical & electronic products, household appliances, consumer electronics, home supplies, consumer goods, vehicles, motorcycles & parts
6. CAEXPO Tourism Exhibition 2018
Date: October
Venue: Guilin International Convention and Exhibition Center (GICEC)
Featured Exhibits: tourism images, tourism products, tourism consumption, science and technology (smart tourism technology)
7. CAEXPO Forest & Wood Products Exhibition 2018
Date: November 
Venue: NICEC
Featured Exhibits: forestry equipment, wood-based panel and wood structure, mahogany furniture, arts & crafts, other furniture, wood and bamboo carving arts & crafts, flowers and seedlings, forestry economic products, forest tourism and others
8. CAEXPO Mechanical & Electronic Products Exhibition (Vietnam) 2018
Date: November 29-December 1
Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC)
Featured Exhibits: general machinery, vehicles, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, ICT, smart consumer electronics, meteorological equipment, new energy and energy conservation 
IV. Booth Rentals

Event Date Booth Type Rentals
The 15th CAEXPO
(NICEC, CAEXPO main venue)
September 12-15 Standard Booth  (3m×3m) USD 1,600/booth, or RMB 10,000/booth
Indoor Raw Space (≥36m2) USD 160/m2, or RMB 1,000 /m2
Outdoor Raw Space (≥36m2) USD 80/m2, or RMB 500/m2
CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition 2017
(Guangxi Exhibition Hall)
CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition 2017
(Nanning China South City)
September 12-15 Standard Booth  (3m×3m) USD 800/booth, or RMB 5,000/booth
Indoor Raw Space (≥36m2) USD 80/m2, or RMB 500/m2
CAEXPO Cambodia Exhibition 2018
March 30-April 1 Standard Booth  (3m×3m) RMB 12,000/booth
Indoor Raw Space (≥36m2) RMB 1200 /m2
CAEXPO Animation, Cartoon & Games Exhibition 2018
April 29-May 1 Standard Booth  (3m×3m) USD 1100/booth, or RMB 7,000/booth
Indoor Raw Space
USD 120/ m2, or RMB 750/ m2
China-ASEAN (Yangon) Trade Fair 2018
May 17-19 Standard Booth  (3m×3m) RMB 27,800/booth
Indoor Raw Space (≥36m2) RMB2780/ m2
CAEXPO Tourism Exhibition 2018
October  Formore details, please visit, its official website. 
CAEXPO Forest & Wood Products Exhibition 2018
November Standard Booth  (3m×3m) USD 1100/booth, or
RMB 7000/booth
Indoor Raw Space (≥36m2) USD 120/m2, or RMB 750/m2
CAEXPO Mechanical & Electronic Products Exhibition (Vietnam) 2018
November 29-December 1 Standard Booth  (3m×3m) RMB 22800/booth
Indoor Raw Space (≥36m2) RMB 2280/m2
1. A standard booth is equipped with one fascia board with both Chinese and English name of the company, white laminated walls, information counter × 1no., folding chairs × 2nos,short spotlights ×2nos, 500W single phase socket × 1no., waste paper basket × 1no.and carpeting;
2. No equipment is provided for raw space;
3. Should maps be needed for booth decoration, please use those approved by China National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation and submit the maps to the CAEXPO Secretariat one month before the event opens for examination.
V. Exhibitors’ Registration 
1.     Date: March 1–July 31, 2018 (For registration deadlines of those specialized exhibitions, please visit the CAEXPO official website or contact the CAEXPO Secretariat directly.)
2.     Please confirm for your booth application before August 15, 2018. The CAEXPO Secretariat, upon confirming the qualifications of exhibitors, will provide written confirmations to the enterprises concerned, and arrange their booths accordingly. The CAEXPO reserves the right of approval, arrangement and adjustment of the booth(s).
VI. Registration Procedure 
1. For Exhibitors (Both online registration and registration by fax are acceptable.)
(1)  Register with the CAEXPO Secretariat directly;
(2)  ASEAN companies may register with the CAEXPO Co-organizers in the ASEAN countries;
(3)  Chinese companies may register with departments of commerce or institutions authorized by the CAEXPO as Exhibitor Organizers in their provinces and cities.
Fax: +86-771-5813355
2. For Trade Visitors (Only online registration is acceptable.)
The CAEXPO Secretariat, upon receiving the Registration Form for Trade Visitors, will provide those qualified trade visitors with relevant information on online pass-issuing service, business-matching activities and other sideline programs.
Deadline for registration as trade visitor: August 31, 2018
VII. Our Resources for Inviting Trade Visitors 
1.    Invitation via CAEXPO Business Database 
We will deliver invitation to global trade visitors via the CAEXPO Business Database with over 1,000,000 entities.
2. Invitation by CAEXPO Co-organizers and Supporting Chambers of Commerce 
Departments for economic and trade affairs, CAEXPO Supporting Chambers of Commerce in the 10 ASEAN countries and national trade associations of China will jointly invite ASEAN and Chinese trade visitors to the event.
3. Sideline Biz-matching Programs 
More than 80 trade and investment promotion programs will be arranged for trade visitors and buying missions.
VIII. Value-added Services for Trade Visitors 
1. Target Trade-matching Services: Individual trade visitors who register online before August 30 and grouped trade visitors will be offered free trade and investment matching service. The CAEXPO Secretariat will arrange face-to-face business talks in line with your procurement intention and investment expectation.
2. Information: Updated information on the CAEXPO and the latest market intelligence of China and ASEAN countries will be released at the CAEXPO official website, Weibo, Wechat and Facebook accounts.
3. Invitation to Nominated Buyers: The CAEXPO Secretariat will deliver invitation to those buyers you nominate and give them subsidies in hotel accommodation.
4. Additional Incentives: International trade visitors who are approved by the CAEXPO Secretariat as qualified will enjoy additional incentives in hotel accommodation, priority in business matching activities and compliment of the CAEXPO Journal.
IX. Privileges of International Trade Visitors (qualified by the CAEXPO Secretariat)
1. 2-night accommodation in designated hotel, airport pickup service and transportation between hotel and CAEXPO venues;
2. Priority for business matching;
3. Survey trips to industrial parks and enterprises in Guangxi. 
X. Major Sideline Programs & Events

1. Country of Honor Cambodia
◆Opening ceremony of Cambodian pavilion of city of charm
◆Promotion conference
◆Roundtable Talks between Cambodian leader and entrepreneurs
2. Special Partner ◆Promotion conference
3. Sideline High-end Conferences and Forums ◆The 6th China-ASEAN Forum on Technology Transfer and Collaborative Innovation
◆Symposium Marking the 15th Anniversary of ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership
◆The 13th China-ASEAN Culture Forum
◆China-ASEAN Forum on Environment Cooperation
◆The 5th China-ASEAN Drug Cooperation & Development Forum
◆China-ASEAN Agricultural Means of Production Forum 2018
◆The 10th China-ASEAN Summit Forum on Financial Cooperation & Development
◆China-ASEAN Statistics Forum 2018
◆The 8th ASEAN Plus Three Food Security Roundtable Meeting
◆The 2nd China-ASEAN Health Cooperation Forum
◆China-ASEAN Red Cross & Red Crescent Fraternity Forum
◆The 6th China-ASEAN Logistics Cooperation Forum
◆The 3rd China-ASEAN Industry & Commerce Forum
◆China-ASEAN Think Tank Strategic Dialogue Forum
◆China-ASEAN Meteorological Cooperation Forum 2018
◆The 3rd China-ASEAN Information Harbor Forum
◆The 4th China-ASEAN Insurance Cooperation & Development Forum
◆The 3rd China-ASEAN Business Leaders Forum
◆The 14th Guangxi-Taiwan Business & Cultural Cooperation Forum
◆China-ASEAN Seminar on Disaster Risk Reduction
◆China-ASEAN Mayors’ Forum 2018
◆Symposium on Building Space Information Corridor & Promoting International Industrialization along the Belt and Road routes
◆China-ASEAN Electric Power Cooperation & Development Forum 2018
◆China-ASEAN Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
◆The 12th China-ASEAN Forum on Social Development & Poverty Reduction
◆The 3rd China-ASEAN Agricultural Cooperation Forum
◆China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum & Exhibition 2018
◆China-ASEAN Forum on Traditional Medicine & Health Tourism (Bama Forum)
◆The 8th China-ASEAN Fiscal and Taxation Cooperation Forum
4.Trade and Investment Promotion Programs Pavilion of Commodity Trade 
◆China (Guangxi)-ASEAN Seminar on Varieties of Vegetable
◆Sourcing conferences of ASEAN countries
◆Sourcing conferences of international buyers
◆Sourcing conferences of building materials, food processing and packaging machinery, electric power equipment and new sources of energy and electronics, etc.
◆Trade matching programs for Vietnamese buyers
Pavilion of Investment Cooperation
◆CAEXPO Roundtable Meeting on Investment Cooperation
◆Promotion Conference on ASEAN Industrial Parks
◆China-ASEAN Infrastructures Cooperation Forum
◆Networking with Chinese economic and commercial counselors in ASEAN countries 
◆ CAEXPO Tourism Cooperation Networking
◆CAEXPO Investment & Fundraising Seminar
◆Investment promotion conferences of the 10 ASEAN member countries
◆Investment promotion conferences of major Chinese provinces and cities
◆Projects signing ceremonies
◆Investment seminars of major industrial parks
Pavilion of Advanced Technology
◆China-ASEAN Technology Matching Seminar
◆Seminar on Innovation and Startup of Returned Overseas Chinese Talents & Project Roadshow
Pavilion of Trade in Services 
◆Meetings between banks and Chinese companies investing in ASEAN countries
During non-fair period:
◆Orientation on Vietnam Investment Climate (April)
(Remarks: Some of these events will take place during the non-fair period. Updated information will be released at the CAEXPO official website. )
XI. Supporting Services
Marketing & Exposure: full-fledged promotion campaign on your company by CAEXPO Partner Media;
Information Service: provide latest market intelligence that helps you to seize business opportunities;
Logistics & Customs Clearance: convenient and efficient transport and logistics services;
Business Service: hotel information, flight ticket reservation, money change, business tour arrangement;
Transportation: CAEXPO’s chartered flights between Nanning and ASEAN cities;
Pass-issuing: easy application through our online registration system.

XII. Contact Us 
China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat 
Service Hotline: +86-771-12343
For enterprises of Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
Exhibitor Registration:+86-771-5813305 (for engineering machinery, Yangon Fair), +86-771-5813119 (for food processing and packaging machinery), +86-771-5813116 (for electric power, new sources of energy, electronics and light industrial products), +86-771-5813111 (for building materials), +86-771-5813313 (for CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition, agricultural cooperation), +86-771-5813015 (for CAEXPO Forest & Wood Products Exhibition), +86-771-5813115 (for energy conservation and Cambodia Exhibition), +86-771-5813117 (for Vietnam Exhibition)
Trade Visitor Registration:+86-771-5813305
Fax:  +86-771-5813388/5813114
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For enterprises of the 10 ASEAN Countries and Other Foreign Countries/Regions 
Registration: +86-771-5813162/5813148/5813211/5813321
Fax: +86-771-5813355
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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