5 cafés that add to your enjoyment of Da Lat

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With their elaborately designed interiors, they offer more than just beverages.


 Co Bong Coffee Shop

The café, opened in 2017 in a stone house built in the 1990s, has retro hand-painted signs, a small kitchenette with old appliances, an ancient TV set etc. It is popular with tourists.

Photo by Thuc Doan.

Photo by Thuc Doan

Its large drink menu has trendy drinks like coconut milk tea, chocolate oolong tea, and almond oolong tea. It also offers simple breakfast dishes and snacks like dried fruit, tiny ramen bags, bubble gum, and vitamin C candies at the price of VND5,000 (22 cents).

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Still Cafe

A popular place among young people, the café on Nguyen Trai Street capitalizes on tranquillity and good drinks. It is in a wooden house with a small courtyard in front and a garden at the back. Many young people use it as a background for their Facebook and Instagram photos.

5 cafés that give you even more reason to visit Da Lat - 3

Every part of the shop is neatly done up to fulfill customers’ urge for a photo. The menu is quite diverse with prices ranging from VND20,000 (86 cents) to VND47,000 ($2). 

Photo by Di Vy

Photo by Di Vy

Mr. Ba Ba Ba

The small café is located near Than Tho Lake (the Lake of Sighs) on Nam Ho Street, far from the center. Inside, the place is designed to look like a garden with plants all over the place.

Photo by Di Vy

Photo by Di Vy

Photo enthusiasts can be seen posing in every corner. The menu is varied with tea coming in the most varieties. Prices are VND20,000-50,000 (86 cents - $2.2).

Photo by Di Vy

Photo by Di Vy

Rose coffee shop

Nestling under trees on Yersin Street, the café has a pleasant look. A rose garden at the entrance welcomes customers and sets the tone.

Wooden furniture and items in the shop create a sense of easy familiarity: it was how many Vietnamese homes looked in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There is a piano and a guitar available for anyone who wants to play songs.

Photo by Di Vy

Photo by Di Vy

There are many popular varieties of tea and coffee, starting at VND25,000 ($1.1).

Photo by Ha Thanh

Photo by Ha Thanh

Violet on the Fourth Day café

After being abandoned for a long time, this villa on Tran Hung Dao Street has got a new lease of life. Customers can either sit inside or in the garden. 

Photo by Ha Thanh

Photo by Ha Thanh

There is plenty of natural light inside. Akin to the previous coffee shops, Violet on the Fourth Day is also generous with its options and the average price of an item is VND30,000 ($1.3). 


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